What is a psychotherapy process?

A psychotherapy is a process of self-knowledge based on accompaniment and conscious observation as a way to a more lucid and healthier life. Psychotherapy is an accompaniment to the psyche, a facilitator to processes of change, a helpful traveller on the journey. The tools I use in sessions are:

 Mental training for full attention or mindfulness.

This lets us get through to the rational mind and false beliefs in relation to oneself, life and other people. It helps to grow inner silence and activate the inner stare. It increases inner clarity, creativity and confidence.

Emotional Freedom Technique or E.F.T

This allows us to relieve and cure the roots of our fears and/or painful or reactive emotions.

Diverse conscious breathing exercises.

Allow us to train the body, mind, emotion connection.

The 6 step process of inner bonding.

This allows us to cure the causes of anxiety, stress, emptiness, depression or addictive behaviours and to develop into a loving adult for our inner child.

In therapy we start a self-exploration of the ego, deep and connecting, it adds conscience and truth. The aim is to give us the correct tools to connect with our own rhythm and vitality, awaken our innate creativity and re-discover the liberty and personal power inside each of us. The path to awaken the voice and sensitivity of the soul.


When is the best time to attend therapy?


When as an adult you feel disconnected from vitality or emptiness of power.

When you yearn, from deep inside for change.

When you are going through a relevant moment in life because of trauma.

When you relate with people, substances or processes in an addictive way.

When you recognize emotional co-dependence.

When you often have feelings of being upset, unhappiness, apathy, emptiness or depression.

When you often feel anxious, fearful, obsessed, suffer from phobias, stress, anger or loneliness.

When you don’t know, look for, and can’t find the meaning or sense to your life.

 When you repeat old negative patterns of behaviour, emotional, social, work related, family related or in a relationship.

When you are resistant to changing patterns or toxic behaviour to evolve and/or grow.

When you yearn for a healthy loving relationship.

When you are incapable of forgiving and showing compassion to others.

When you don’t know how to set internal or external limits.

When you need vision from someone who doesn’t belong to your close circle of family or friends.