I was privileged to have been born into an inspiring, liberal family. As a teenager I started searching internally and discovered the spiritual messages of Herman Hesse, Anthony De Mello and Dhiravamsa. At the age of 24 I travelled to Colombia and after an inspiring experience, began to sense a spiritual awakening. I have degrees in Economics and Journalism and worked in the communication industry for 15 years. My learning process and training has been built with psycho-spiritual masters who have crossed my path not by chance. Luis Fernando Cámara, Babita Rabi, Jose Maria Doria, Alain Allard and Margaret Paul.

In 2009 I started training as a psycho-therapist at Kay Zen, a twenty first century buddhist monastery, and went into mindfulness and the art of accompanying souls in depth.

Presently I work in my private space in Madrid as a transpersonal therapist, organizing retreats and mindfulness workshops for groups. I am part of the Inner Bonding Community for emotional health and I collaborate as an adviser for the Teléfono de la Esperanza Madrid.